We are halfway through March, one of my favorite months, Women’s History Month. Three years ago, this time, Bien Abyé celebrated our women artisans at a wine tasting we hosted while NYC was shutting down because of a global pandemic. I didn’t know what the future would hold for us. As I take a moment to reflect, the two things I keep close to my heart are the goals the Bien Abyé team have achieved since then and the goals we have yet to embark on.


The inspiration of Bien Abyé comes from Dayanne Danier's Creole roots. Learn more about her cultural homage.

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New Year, new habits; sharing our story. We are introducing a blog series with our clients. It’s a closer look at the brand you love through the thoughts of our designer, Dayanne Danier. We hope you enjoy our new initiative.


Warm weather is finally here and that means it is time to bring out the bright, vibrant, ocean-feels of summer! At Bien Abyé we are dedicated to providing you with the latest styles and trends to make you look fabulous at all times, effortlessly. One of the best ways to look fabulous for any occasion is to dress up your look with our hand-crafted accessories. Keep reading to learn more about our inspiration and explore our new products today!

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At Bien Abyé, International Women’s Day holds a special place in our hearts. Our brand, while providing accessories and fashion items for all genders, is focused on helping to uplift women and support women in the communities we work with. Our handcrafted products are designed with loving attention to detail and created with the skilled hands of women artisans, and our designer has always been focused on providing support to other women around her. Learn more about why we love International Women’s Day at Bien Abyé!

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From Here to Haiti is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to respond to the need to repair non-governmental structures where public assembly. Their work over the past 10 years has been on repairing schools, churches, orphanages, clinics, and more.

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At Bien Abye, we love helping people find amazing fashion accessories and home décor. Our pieces are handcrafted by Haitian artisans who utilize sewing, embroidery, and more to create each piece. While each piece is beautiful, we want the impact to be more than just economic — we want to make a difference in the world, which is why we’ve partnered with Fleur De Vie, a nonprofit that’s focused on implementing social change through improved school programs, as well as health and environmental...


Bien Abyé is a brand designed by a woman and hand crafted mostly by women. At the core of the brand is Dayanne Danier’s belief in promoting women artisans in Haiti whose traditional skills have been passed on for generations. Bien Abyé is produced by over 50 artisans which allows them to preserve the craft while providing for their family and building a better life. It’s all about “Elevating women on stitch at a time!”

Most recently, the brand has teamed up with the Ibu Movement to produce fashion icon, Iris Apfel beaded signature clutch in Haiti as a part of both brands...


March 2021 Bien Abyé is partnering with Nordstrom on launching a vignette of accessory essentials this season. The collection includes an array of silk printed face masks, headbands, and scrunchies in a kaleidoscope of colors.

The silk-based accessories collection is produced in Haiti predominately by our women artisans as a part of our continued effort to “empowering women one stitch at a time”, to provide much needed jobs on the island.

The collection is launching in 10 Nordstrom stores throughout the US and online. The Bien Abyé brand is a new addition to Nordstrom’s list...


March 2020, in honor of Women's History Month, Bien Abyé hosted "An Evening of Wine, Art & Design". A wine tasting event which included an exhibit of Bien Abyé collection of table top and accessories crafted by women artisans in Haiti.

Guests discovered wines from the south of France and paired with flavors from Haitian Creole cuisine. Regine Rouseau, the founder/CEO of Shall We Wine and acclaimed sommelier lead conversation through the region. The evening roused guests’ gastronomic palette and expose them to the designs of Bien Abyé crafted by the women "Petites Mains" in...