A Complete Lifestyle Brand

A Lifestyle Brand With a Creole Influence

Silk fabrics for high-fashion accessories

Silk Accessories

Natural textiles are a luxury to be enjoyed. Our silk accessories collection was inspired by upcycling fabrics from our apparel collections and taking the same vibrant prints to combine them with functional needs, and thus, our scarves, face covers, and hair accessories were born!

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Artisan, hand-crafted beaded fashion handbags

Beaded Handbags

Sharing Creole Excellence is essential to us. Hand beading is a traditional art form in Haiti that is most often seen in spiritual voodoo flags and the techniques are passed on orally through hands-on training. Seeing the richness of this application inspired the creation of the Rassemble collection. Dayanne wants to elevate an additional group of women artisans and design a larger vignette of handbags.

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Hand-crafted artisan tabletop runner

Table Top

The new norm is making “at home Sundays” every day. In the Creole culture, Sundays are the day that family and friends get together and share a robust meal, and decorating the table with the best linens creates a runway for the food presentation and is a welcome sign to guests. Bien Abyé introduced our tabletop vignette with all of this in mind. We grew our family of makers to include a team of women artisans from the central region of Haiti. Their traditional hand embroidery techniques combined with Dayanne’s designs have preserved a piece of their history.

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