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French style with Creole Flair

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Silk Accessories

Natural textiles is a luxury to be enjoyed. Our silk accessories collection was inspired by the upcycling of fabrics from our apparel collections. Taking the same vibrant prints and combining them with functional needs; our scarves, face covers, and hair accessories were born.

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Beaded Handbags

Sharing Creole Excellence is essential. Hand beading is a traditional art form in Haiti. Most often seen in spiritual voodoo flags, the techniques are passed on orally through hands-on training. Seeing the richness of this application in the creation of the Rassemble collection made Dayanne want to elevate an additional group of women artisans and design a larger vignette of handbags.

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Table Top

The new norm is making “at home” Sundays every day. In the Creole culture, Sundays are the day that family and friends get together and share a robust meal. Decorating the table with the best linens is a runway presentation of the food and a welcome sign to guests. Bien Abyé introduced our table top vignette with all of this in mind. We grew our family of makers to include a team of women artisans from the central region of Haiti. Their traditional hand embroidery techniques combined with Dayanne’s designs have preserved a piece of their history.

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