International Women's Day

At Bien Abyé, International Women’s Day holds a special place in our hearts. Our brand, while providing accessories and fashion items for all genders, is focused on helping to uplift women and support women in the communities we work with. Our handcrafted products are designed with loving attention to detail and created with the skilled hands of women artisans, and our designer has always been focused on providing support to other women around her. Learn more about why we love International Women’s Day at Bien Abyé!



As mentioned above, Bien Abyé is a luxury fashion brand that was created by Dayanne Danier, a passionate woman who’s knowledge and experience in the fashion industry extends well over a decade. From her experience, knowledge, and passion for helping others, especially other women look and feel their best, Bien Abyé came to be as a brand that is dedicated to making our clients look fabulous at all times, effortlessly. Since starting Bien Abyé, Dayanne has worked to make our brand a source of inspiration by utilizing women’s skills in every step of our process.


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Because our brand is focused on creating beautiful products that effortlessly elevate any outfit or ensemble, our designer, Dayanne, worked tirelessly to find an artist that is also focused on giving back to communities. The Rassamble scarf, which is incorporated into the Bien Abyé collection, is created through a collaboration with Haitian painter, Patricia Brintle. In supporting this amazing female artist, Bien Abyé not only helps to highlight women artists, but also to give back by donating to the support efforts in Haiti.




One of the most important efforts for supporting women and celebrating International Women’s Day is helping to teach skills to women so that they have more opportunities throughout their lives. Because Dayanne is passionate about this, she has traveled to Haiti to teach pattern drafting and construction to woman artisan members of a sewing co-op, which not only helps to expand the skillsets of these women, but also helps them to further support other women by passing on the knowledge to community members.


At Bien Abyé, our focus is on creating a more supportive, sustainable, and inclusive world for women, and we’re dedicated to pursuing that focus wherever possible. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to help provide opportunities and support to other women.

At Bien Abyé, a beautiful selection of luxury fashion items and products to choose from is not the only thing we have to offer. We’re committed to helping our clients look fabulous effortlessly while also uplifting women in our community, and supporting women artisans as much as possible. This International Women’s Day, our brand would love to wish you and all the women we work with a happy and successful day, and look forward to a brighter future for women everywhere. Support our brand and our women artisans by shopping through our collections. Not sure about what you’re looking for? Browse through our Boutique to see vignettes of items. We look forward to helping you feel fabulous effortlessly!

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