Celebrate Women's History Month


We are halfway through March, one of my favorite months, Women’s History Month. Three years ago, this time, Bien Abyé celebrated our women artisans at a wine tasting we hosted while NYC was shutting down because of a global pandemic. I didn’t know what the future would hold for us. As I take a moment to reflect, the two things I keep close to my heart are the goals the Bien Abyé team have achieved since then and the goals we have yet to embark on.

Bien Abye Nordstrom Display.jpg


With the world in such a crazy state, security has become a luxury. One of the many things I wanted the most is to create a “safe space” for our artisans. The concept seems like a rare thing in Haiti right now. But thinking back to when the situation was just simmering, creating a safe space for our artisans was my number one goal. I wanted to give them a small piece of luxury.

Through our partnership with Ibu Movement, we were able to do that. Now, here we are this month Bien Abyé celebrates two anniversaries: establishment of our workshop, a “safe space” and selling successfully at Nordstroms for two years. These milestones were just dreams on a vision board many years ago. They are our new reality.

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It was a beaded bag, with the subject matter of women coming together, placed on a table that caught the eye of a woman who leaned over and asked me, “could your artisans make an Iris bag for us?” I replied with, “sure, they can make anything."

Years later, that same woman introduced me to a network of artisan leaders from around the world who all share the same goal; preserving a culture through fashion art made by women. (See this clutch)



When women artisans come together, fabulous products are created. Supporting a world where women shine means real global impact. Even while Haiti is in distress, Bien Abyé artisans continue to create. When I said, "let’s take a week off and let things calm down a bit," our artisans replied, “No, Madam Dayanne we must continue."

Buying one of our styles is not just purchasing a fashion piece that will take up space in your closet. Bien Abyé is an impact brand. Buying one of our styles is contributing to a women’s special history. (See this clutch)


At Bien Abyé, our focus is on creating a more supportive, sustainable, and inclusive world for women, and we’re dedicated to pursuing that focus wherever possible. To those who ask, what can women do together? The answer is, Plenty! Let's continue to make history.

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